Charles Toth III

Occupation: Islandwood Greens Committee Chairperson, Golf Historian

Nickname: "Cee-Tee-Three", "Wink"

Age: 67

Height/Weight: 5'7" / 185 lbs

Reputation: Lost an eye in a fishing accident in 1991. Formerly a single digit handicapper, he now heads the Greens Committee. Rules with an iron fist. A stickler for cleanliness and order both on the golf course and inside the clubhouse. Presides over the club library and archives. Almost smiled in 1968.

Favorite Foods: Fried Liver and Onion Sandwiches, Doritos

Pet Peeves: Technology, Spandex, Facial Hair


Occupation: Head Golf Professional at Islandwood Country Club

Nickname(s): "T.C.", "Tommy"

Age: 61

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 155

Reputation: Deceptively funny (he thinks). Practical joker of legend. Can be seen sitting on a bench between lessons chatting someone up about golf. Has legs that are whiter than out-of-bounds stakes. Favors golf shirts with a pocket on the front for no apparent reason. Wickedly effective softball pitcher.

Favorite food: Islandwood's grilled cheese with fresh tomato and Canadian bacon. Bud cans.

Pet Peeves: Slow play, fivesomes, sunflower seeds, crabgrass, shabbily dressed employees, long hitters, tobacco


Roland Livingston

Occupation: Executive Chef, Islandwood Country Club

Nickname: "Rollie"

Age: 47

Height/Weight: 5'10"/ 194lbs

Reputation: Known for his wide range of cooking talents; from classic French cuisine to quick finger-food selections. Enjoys sharing recipes with members and frequently caters events for them. Serious, yet fun-loving. Plays the violin.

Favorite Food: Cajun Monkfisk, gummi bears

Pet Peeves: Orders for anything "well done", wasted produce, unannounced large dining parties.


Leo Tricardi

Occupation: Head Bartender, Islandwood Country Club

Nickname: "Trick"

Age: 59

Height/Weight: 5'8"/ 165lbs

Reputation: Islandwood veteran with over 30 years of service and considered someone you "must see" when visiting Islandwood. Writes a daily trivia question on a chalkboard behind the bar for prizes. Knows every lyric to every Frank Sinatra song ever written.

Favorite Food: Islandwood's Marinated Flatiron Steak

Pet Peeves: Obnoxious and pushy Wine & Spirit vendors, members with attitude, synthetic corks.


Francis Westmoreland

Occupation: Islandwood Golf Course Superintendent

Nickname: "Bullet", "Franny"

Age: 48

Height/Weight: 6' 1" / 182lbs

Reputation: In his 18th year of service to Islandwood, Franny is known for his unwavering dedication to conditioning the golf course. Known as the "Bullet", he spends his days zipping from hole to hole adjusting and fixing equipment and the irrigation system. Some members swear that there must be 2 or 3 Frannys out on the course at any one time. He smokes a pipe, and claims to have repaired over 500,000 ball marks in his career.

Favorite Food: Bean sprout salad, trail mix.

Pet Peeves: Lightning, deep divots.


Tony Sweet

Occupation: Assistant Golf Pro, Islandwood C.C.

Nickname(s): "Sweets", (Born: Ciro Antonio Spagnolo)

Age: 33

Height/Weight: 6'1" / 188

Reputation: A career assistant. Takes a very strong and aggressive liking to most females he encounters. Maintains a deep tan year round. Obsessed with appearance, reads fashion magazines. Lacks self awareness.

Favorite Foods: Meatball Calzone, Power Bars

Pet Peeves: Poorly shined golf shoes, cold weather, mediocre pick-up lines


Calvin Fleetwood

Occupation: Caddy Master at Islandwood Country Club

Nickname(s): "Cal", "Fleets"

Age: 56

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 330

Reputation: No nonsense  director of the caddy program at Islandwood. Goes out and caddies only once a year-- in the Islandwood Club Championship Tournament. And only for the current club champion-- Frederick Fuchs. Chews unlit cigars.

Favorite food: Barbecue brisket. Islandwood's crab dip.

Pet Peeves: Rookie caddies, hot weather.


Clem Hewitt

Occupation: Islandwood C.C. Golf Cart Operations Manager

Nickname(s): "Wheels"

Age: 74

Height/Weight: 5'7" / 155lbs

Reputation: Slow footed yet operates with high mental velocity. Clem prepares and then parks and cleans all 65 of Islandwood's golf carts every day and keeps a maintenance log for each vehicle. A veteran of 44 years, Wheels also runs the Lost and Found Department out of the cart barn. Can rarely be seen without his faded and torn Kansas City Royals hat on.

Favorite Foods: Chicken salad, Turkey jerkey

Pet Peeves: Bubble gum, muddy conditions, caddies